Tulip Wedding Bouquet Roundup

Pink White Tulips

Pink & white tulips by me!

I adore tulips, in all their colours and varieties!  They make a wonderful flower for weddings, they’re so versatile and can look incredibly pretty either as a simple single coloured bouquet or as a lush combination with other flowers.  Parrot and angelique tulips in particular look very romantic in a wedding bouquet, their graceful ruffles are perfectly suited to the purpose!  Symbolically they can represent many things, from royalty to happiness depending on which colour you choose.

I’ve rounded up some tulip bouquets from across the wedding world, you’re bound to fall in love with some of these and I hope they’ll provide some inspiration if you’re thinking of tulips for your own bouquet!

White Tulip Wedding Bouquet

White tulips photo from Bryan Rupp Photography

Yellow Tulip Wedding Bouquet

Yellow tulip photo from Fresh In Love via The Wedding Chicks

White Tulip Wedding Bouquet

Photo on left by Liz Banfield via Martha Stewart // Photo on right by Branco Prata

Big Tulip Wedding Bouquet

Big tulip bouquet photo by Phil Chester via Green Wedding Shoes

Parrot Tulip And Succulent Bouquet

Parrot Tulip & Succulent photos by Stephanie Williams via Green Wedding Shoes

Pink Tulip And Pussy Willow Bouquet

Pink tulip & willow bouquet from Loreta Une

Purple Tulip Wedding Bouquet

Photo on left by Kevin Lam via Weddingbells // Photo in centre by Catie Ronquillo via Project Wedding // Photo on right by Mike Larson

Orange Parrot Tulip Wedding Bouquet

Orange parrot tulip photo from Blush Designs via Revel

Purple Tulip Wedding Bouquet

Purple tulip photo from Maria Hedengren

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